Want to enjoy live dealer blackjack but can’t find a seat at your favourite table? No worries, live casino games are brimming with innovations and the option to bet behind is one of them. This optional side bet allows you to either play without a sear or engage the game in classic 7-seat tables even while it’s not your turn. Moreover, a good blackjack bet behind strategy can keep the money coming in throughout any given round.

Let’s take a closer look at the blackjack bet behind wagering option and how it can be used effectively.

What is Bet Behind Blackjack?

Bet Behind in blackjack is a side bet that allows you to wager on the outcome of another player’s hand. Simply click on another hand’s if they’re participating and select a a stake as you world for any other blackjack side bet. If the player wins in the following round, you’ll double your stake. If not, the stake is lost.

The best part is that you can bet behind blackjack even if you don’t have a seat at the table. In fact, that’s what the feature was designed for. Of course, you can bet behind other players if you have a seat. For instance, some players enjoy playing multiple hands at a time but may be unable to due to overcrowding.

Players that are on a winning streak are the most popular choice for betting behind in blackjack. Most live casino tables that have this feature have some way of signifying players are on a “hot streak”. Everybody can see the scores and choose a hot player to bet behind and try to increase his own chances of winning, In most cases, there is no limit to how many players can bet behind a single hand. This adds large multiplayer scalability and a huge winning potential. New and inexperienced players can feel the thrill of Live Blackjack by placing low stakes for the bet behind option. Moreover, not only they can participate in the game but they can also potentially win something. The blackjack bet behind strategy is a common way for newbies to easily win by relying on better, more experienced players.

Huge Payout Potential

The unlimited nature of the bet behind option adds a huge revenue potential. Everybody can bet behind everybody and place a limitless number of bet behind side bets. This option is especially profitable for players without experience or gaming strategies as they are able to take part in the game and, if lucky, in something. In addition, not only it adds extra interest for players, but the bet behind option also adds significant extra revenue opportunity for live casino operators. That’s why this feature can be found in most modern live casino blackjack games, for example, Royalewin.

Blackjack Bet Behind Strategy

You don’t need to be particularly good or knowledgeable to use this side bet effectively. In fact, what you need is someone else to be good at blackjack. Simply picking a player that seems to be winning a lot is one of the ways you can approach a bet behind strategy. However, remember that so-called hot or cold streaks are merely a gambler’s fallacy. That’s why you want to be able to identify players who are actually good and not just lucky.

Here are some signs that a player really knows what they’re doing, making them suitable for a bet behind strategy:

  • They are following basic blackjack strategy to the letter.
  • They’re using bet spreads, which usually means the player is attempting to count cards. Bet spreading means that they’re using different-sized stakes to press their advantage when the shoe is favorable. Bet spreading usually starts small on a new shoe. If you see the player increase their stake after a good chunk of every shoe has been played through, you may want to bet behind them.
  • They’re playing the odds and avoiding unnecessary side bets.
  • They’re doubling and splitting according to blackjack strategy charts.

The best thing about the bet behind feature in blackjack is that it’s so accessible. You don’t even need to take the time to find a seat- just open your favourite title and start betting! Of course, you’re still trusting a stranger online with your money, so try not to rush things.

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