NFL Sports Databases Using historical data to figure out the best way to et on football can take a lot of different shapes and forms. For starters, you can use stats sites to look at the game itself and the size of the rosters. In football, the tosters are huge,Continue Reading

Being able to predict big upsets in the NFL is a hugely profitable skill when it comes to sports betting. Betting on NFL upsets means you’re getting long odds and big payouts but there are lots of reasons it’s so hard to do consistently. What is an Upset in theContinue Reading

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In sports betting a market is another word for a specific bet. The main markets for NASCAR betting are the straight-up winner, podium finish and head-to-head. Some of the most popular NASCAR bets, however, are prop bets and those can get more in-depth and are a lot of fun forContinue Reading

The key to successful NASCAR betting is research, plain and simple. The best approach combines a strong understanding of the sport, historical trends and recent events leading up to the race. Not only do you have to know the history, you also have to follow everything that happens in theContinue Reading

In NASCAR, a new rule has been implemented to ensure the race gets finished in an exciting, yet safe, manner. Often times the competitive ending of a race will lead to a crash and the yellow caution flag Having the race end on a caution is something NASCAR wants toContinue Reading

Just like in other sports, moneyline bets in NASCAR are wagers on who will win, in this case which driver will win the race. This is by far the most common and popular bet you can make. Sportsbooks post odds for all the top drivers. Not only do the oddsContinue Reading