In the early days of online gambling the slot games found online where far from the games you would find in a land-based casino in terms of quality and jackpots. Today they are so similar that you could be forgiven for thinking your computer has turned into a real slot machine.

The differences between Online Slots and Land-Based Slots


While playing online slots, one of the biggest benefits you get to enjoy is convenience. With online slots, you won’t have to dress up, you won’t have to travel, and there’s no timetable to abide by.

You only kick back and sign into your online casino account once you’re set to play. On top of that, there’s the time aspect. Online slots will save you time and money as you won’t have to travel to a local casino to play your preferred slot.

Progressive Jackpots

While the jackpots available online are not yet close the the tens of millions of dollar jackpots available at land-based casinos there have been and continue to be some very large wins. The current online jackpot record is €6,374,434.00 (approx US$8.69m) .

Smaller jackpots ranging from $5000 to over $100,000 are won on a regular basis online. With many of the progressive slots linked between several casino the jackpots grow and are won quickly.

Another bonus is that all progressive jackpots won online are paid in one installment. This means that if you win $1,000,000 you will receive one check for a million dollars. At land-based casinos most big jackpots are paid to the player over time in yearly installments.

Slot Comps and Bonuses

This is where there is one real difference. It is highly unlikely that any online casino will ever offer you a free meal but apart from this online casinos do all offer some kind of welcome bonus for regular players.

Some online casinos such as Royalewin also give you welcome bonus up to MYR876 as well as rescue bonus up to MYR3888.

Slots Variety

Variety is where online slots truly shine. Irrespective of the slot types you prefer playing, you’ll find loads of games available at your disposal online. For the land-based counterparts, the range of games you can enjoy will rely on where you’re playing the games.

If it’s at a local pub or restaurant, you might only have two or three machines to pick from, while a bigger casino will offer a wider variety. Moreover, with land-based machines, you might have to wait longer to start playing or move on to a different slot if your preferred machine is taken, this is something you won’t experience online. Nothing is off the table!

Besides, online slot games have advanced from the classic three-reel slots to five-reel machines and, in certain instances, even six or seven reels having over 50 paylines.


With the current range of slots online you are sure to find a great amount of entertainment between visits to your favorite land based casino. Of course you may never want to go to a land based casino again after discovering the convenience of playing right from your own home.

And especially now, the pandemic is getting serious and serious. Let’s stay at home and enjoy Royalewin Slot Welcome Bonus. Test your skill, push your luck and take home the jackpot !

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