Memorizing the blackjack basic strategy is one thing and mastering the strategy well enough to implement it in the right way is another. And practicing is the most obvious way of becoming a pro in blackjack. Since it is not feasible to visit a casino and play live blackjack on a daily basis, there are some easier methods to help players remember the blackjack strategy.

Blackjack Live Stream Games

When it comes to blackjack, watching how the game is being played and what actions are being taken by the players, based on their and the dealer’s hand, can be quite useful. Such live streaming games on blackjack are available on YouTube. Alongside, there is a platform called Twitch, which was founded by two young poker pros. Twitch is a video vertical where you can find streams of people playing online blackjack. Anyone who is trying to learn the blackjack basic strategy better before hitting a casino can observe the strategies as they are being applied.

Free Online Blackjack Games

Free online blackjack games are another helpful method of finding out how much you have been able to memorize the blackjack basic strategy and how promptly you are able to apply the same in a game. These free blackjack games can be found on the internet and they require you to just play blackjack without involving real money. So, neither do you have any stake nor do you undergo losses. All you get to do with these games is practice and prepare yourself to win a fortune at blackjack in a casino later.

Treating 3-4 Card Hands

Sometimes, the player has a complex hand such as a 15 or 16 but not from two cards but three or more cards. For instance, if the player is dealt a 16 against a dealer’s face-up card of 10, the basic blackjack strategy would require the player to hit the 16 with the expectation of getting a card that will tally the score to a number that is possibly the closest to 21. However, as per the advanced strategy, taking a card would not be a good move because the player’s 4 card hand might be made of low denomination cards that are no longer available in the deck.

When to Bet on Insurance

Most blackjack players believe that insurance is a bad bet and the best way to play blackjack optimally is to not take insurance, especially when the dealer holds an ace. However, insurance is a strategic blackjack side bet in a few circumstances where it must be placed. Card counting can make a player understand when there are fewer 10’s left in the deck and this is a favorable situation for placing the insurance bet. Going by the card counting technique, if the count is +4 or higher, players should take insurance against the dealer’s ace.

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