So, how do you use the Fibonacci betting system during a roulette session?

In the Fibonacci system, every number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two numbers added together. Whenever you lose a round, increase your bet by the last two numbers in the system and whenever you win, decrease the next wager by moving down two places. The goal is to keep playing the sequence until you win enough to be back at the start (1).

RoundBetOutcomeNet Profit

You can see seven losses and just three wins in te sequence above, yet you end the pattern with a profit of 12 units. Initially, these early consecutive losses would look like a losing streak, but the Fibonacci system takes just a few wins to turn a profit.

It is worth nothing the progression could go on for longer depending on how each round plays out. A different combination of wins and losses could get you back to the start of the sequence sooner or much later.

This reason is why the Fibonacci roulette strategy is a safe betting system. Unlike the Martingale, which requires you to double your wagers, the Fibonacci takes a more measured approach. The highest bet you can make in the sequence above is 5, yet in the Martingale, a similar streak at the start of the system would have left you making much higher bets of 10 units.

Remember, the eventual goal of the Fibonacci is to play the sequence through until you get back to the start. Note there are two 1s at the beginning of the sequence, so you must bet to the first of those number 1s to get a profit.

Fibonacci System Advantages and Disadvantages

Like all betting systems, the Fibonacci strategy does not guarantee wins. It is also not immune to bad luck, and you could be burning through your bankroll with no end in sight. Still, the Fibonacci holds up to the logic at the heart of the system and does work if you have the patience and budget to see it through. Compared to the Martingale strategy in roulette, Fibonacci is also much safer and far less aggressive.

It is essential to weigh up the pros and cons of any betting strategy, including the Fibonacci system:

– Easy to learn
– A safe betting system with low wager amounts
– Can exhaust your bankroll
– Roulette table limits can stop the sequence
– Does not guarantee wins

When discussing any betting system, there is one crucial rule to remember: there are no guarantees. The same can be said for the Fibonacci roulette strategy, which cannot promise you wins. Since online roulette is a game of complete random chance, no betting system is sure to work in the long term.

All the Fibonacci method does is provide you with a sequence of numbers. There is no magic involved, just a simple system telling you how much to bet. It does nothing to change your chances of winning because the odds of roulette remain the same.

Below are the main factors to take into account when using Fibonacci in roulette.

#1 House Edge
Even if you are a beginner, you have probably heard the saying that ‘the house always wins.’ Essentially, this means the casino will make a profit off players due to the odds of games being stacked in its favour. Thi built-in advantage i sknown as the “house edge’, meaning that you are bound to lose a percentage of your stake in the long run, even if you are implementing a game strategy.

#2 Betting Limits
Another challenge in emplaying Fibonacci, or any other roulette betting system, is the betting limits that many online roulette operators impose. Many tables at online casinos have acpped bet limits of 100, which in the case of the Fibonacci betting strategy means the number 89 would be as high as yo could go. If you are on a losing streak, you will reach a bet of 89 on the 11th  number of the sequence, which isn’t enough time for the system to succeed.

#3 Bankroll
As with all betting systems, the Fibonacci roulette systm relies on players having enough money in their bankroll to see them through losing streaks. Bet amounts can rack up quickly, so your budget may run out beofre you turn a profit. Despite this, if played responsibly, the Fibonacci strategy adds an element of excitement and fun to your online roulette gameplay.

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