The explosive growth of live casinos has drawn the attention of many software providers.

As the number of players increases, so do the number of available games those punters can enjoy! It is slowly getting to the point where it can feel slightly overwhelming for players. With so many live roulette tables, how do we find the one that suits us best?

European or American?

While most players will immediately default to European, American roulette still has a strong audience. If you have fond memories of Vegas, we can understand why you might opt for this version instead. That said, if you do not have any special attachmet to either one, we do recommend opting for European roulette.

You will immediately notice the advantage European roulette offers. It only has one zero instead of two like we see in American roulette. That improves your odds of winning, which makes European roulette an objectively better pick. Furthermore, almost all roulette variants are built based on European roulette. It should definitely be your #1 pick if you are ksit starting out.

One live roulette table we would recommend over European roulette is French roulette. It plays using slightly adjusted rules and bets, which means a slight increase in RTP over the European version. If you want to maximize performance, it is definitely the best possible choice. That said, French roulette is very difficult to find, so it is not an option for punters most of the time.

Standard or Variant?

Newer players will probably want to stick to the basics. However, once you are more experienced, a whole new world of variants opens up to you. These games retain the core gameplay of roulette while adding brand new elements into the mix.

Roulette variants are great way to keep the game fun when it starts feeling samey. Sometimes, it can be as simple as Evolution Gaming adding multipliers in Lightning Roulette. Sometimes, developoers try to change how the game works by adding a second ball in Double Ball Roulette! We will admit, roulette does not have as may variants as other casino games. The ones it does have are all top-tier!

Personally, we found the best way to navigate this section is to try variants that seem interesting briefly.It gives you a taste of what the game is all about, and whether you would enjoy it. If you find something that suits your preferences, great! If not, plenty of other roulette tables are available and just waiting for you to play them.


Getting the gameplay loop right is important! So is finding a roulette table tjat fits your budget. The most basic example of this is the actual table limits. VIP tables only allow you to play if you wager a sizeable sum on each spin of the roulette wheel. Unless you have a bankroll that can afford that, you will quickly find yourself out of money and unable to play.

After selecting a table whose betting limits suit you, it is time to plan out your wagers. If you opted for a variant like Playtech’s Age of the Gods Live, you may need to place an extra bet to qualify for the bonus. Look at what numbers you want to play, calculate how much it will cost, and how many spins it will net you. Personally, we try to structure our budget to last us between a hundred and two hundred spins.

Keep an eye out of how much each roulette table pays and why, Rewards for winning certain roulette bets are fixed across the board. If something stands out, you should investigate to see why that is. Quantum Roulette, also made by Playtech, only pays 29:1 for a single number win instead of 35:1. However that game can grant multipliers up to 500x with no other extra cost, which makes up for the lower initial payouts.

Game Speed

We have noticed a growing number of players who want faster roulette rounds. Some are just in a hurry and want to get as much action in a limited time span as possible. Others are experienced roulette punters who already went through all the highs and lows. They want a faster version of their favourite tables so they can skip the flashy stuff and get straight to the results.

These are two different camps, but they both want the same thing. Software providers were more than happy to deliver, as the numerous Speed Roulette tables will serve as evidence to! In these games, the dealer is taught to move as quickly as possible. Wheels are configured to spin more quickly, and bets usually start while the previous round is still played.

Please do not opt for Speed Roulette if you are a new player. With each round going faster, you can go through your budget much quicker than expected. That said, you do not need a mountain of experience to play this faster version of roulette. Just enough to know what kind of bets you want to make!


Most of us are used to English as a default way of communicating over the internet. However, live casino roulette is unique in how well it supports other languages. Of course, how many you come across mostly depends on the software provider. Evolution Gaming has the best support for non-English roulette tables by far!

Some notable examples we came across were Swedish, German, Turkish and even Japanese roulette! We also saw Russian, Danish, Spanish and Arabic roulette tables. These are quite a few more that may be available to you. That said, if an option to play in your native tongue does exist, we do not see why you would not want to take it!

Trying Your Favourites

Asking questions can help us narrow down what we want. However, we still need to play it to see if we really enjoy it or not. Sadly, live cacsino games do no offer demo modes like many of thier online counterparts do. That means you will have to spend some money on realeases you may turn out not to enjoy.


Seeing the whole thing laid out like this can make it seem like choosing a live roulette table is complicated. In reality, you will quickly learn what sort of games you do or do not enjoy. After that, knowing whether you will find a new release interesting or not will be a piece of cake. Between your knowledge and our live roulette reviews, you will be well on your way to becoming a roulette pro!

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