Evolution’s Instant Roulette Live game was released in 2020 as a fairly novel concept. It took an interesting approach to making the live roulette experience faster and more efficient. That said, the idea was hardly as exciting as some of Evolution’s other genre-defying innovations. That’s what we thought at the time, anyway. But Instant Roulette quickly found a large audience of players pining for more action.

So what’s the difference between Instant Roulette and standard Roulette games?

Instant Roulette online is faster than any other roulette game on the market as a result of its multi-wheel system.

What is Instant Roulette?

Let’s start with a basic introduction. What is Instant Roulette by Evolution, and what makes it different from any other live casino roulette table?

A quick look at the way Instant Roulette looks answers a part of that question. Instead of a croupier sitting at a roulette table, you can see 12 auto-roulette wheels all spinning independently. Yes, this is a variant of auto-roulette, meaning that the wheel does all the work with no human involvement. It’s hardly the only auto roulette online game, though. Why the 12 wheels?

This is a matter of how Instant Roulette works in the first place. The wheels don’t all spin at the same time. Instead, they are synchronized in such a way that different wheels are all at different stages of a typical round of roulette. This means that the action is going non-stop, and you can jump in at any moment.

Effectively, Instant Roulette by Evolution has no betting periods or downtime. You can just jump in at any time, place your bets, and you’ll get the results in a matter of seconds.

Key Differences Between Instant and Standard Roulette

The concept of Instant Roulette online gives some clues as to why and how it’s different from most competing products.

Let’s look at some key features of Instant Roulette to figure out what makes the game tick.

  • 12 fully synchronized European-style auto-roulette wheels
  • Unlimited betting time
  • Place your bet whenever you want and get the results almost instantly
  • Directly control the pace of your favourite Evolution roulette
  • The excitement of live casinos combined with the convenience of RNG roulette

These are some of the advantages of Instant Roulette compared to live casino roulette wheels. The easiest comparison to make is to RNG roulette. Simply put, this game has a lot of the same perks and a lot of the same drawbacks.

To the uninitiated, RNG roulette is any online roulette that isn’t a live casino stream. Essentially, the outcomes are determined by the game’s programming rather than an actual wheel and ball. The benefit of such an approach is that there are no waiting times and the minimum bet is usually much lower. However, the fact that there’s no wheel means that the game doesn’t feel authentic. Evolution’s First Person Roulette is a great example. This title attempts to look like live roulette, but there’s no actual wheel.

Instant Roulette Live is different because there is an actual wheel. This means that most players will feel more comfortable with the results because you can clearly see all the action. Moreover, the minimum bet in Instant Roulette is a very low $0.10, so there’s also that advantage. Again, you’ll never have to wait around to place a bet.

That said, some of the drawbacks of RNG roulette are not present in Instant Roulette. For example, this is quite clearly an authentic roulette wheel, which is one of the main reasons people love live casino roulette in the first place. That said, some also enjoy the interactions with croupiers. An actual dealer makes the experience closer to a real-life casino.

Best Casinos to Play Instant Roulette Live

All of this brings us to the question – Where can you play Instant Roulette?

For starters, you can go to any Evolution-powered live casino online site and find the game in the lobby. The choice may depend on any regional restrictions, though, so make sure you’re only playing at legal live casinos.

Beyond that, you should consider any live casino bonuses. Specifically, you want bonuses that apply to live roulette. Whether Instant Roulette contributes to the wagering requirements is also very important.

To save you the trouble, we’ve hand-picked some great offers for some of the best online casinos to play Instant Roulette live.

Royalewin – good wagering contribution and live casino rebate bonuses.

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