Flat betting in Baccarat or Blackjack is a strategy where the player bets the same amount in each round.

What is a Flat Bet ?

The first thing we need to understand is why flat betting is called a strategy at all. To the uninitiated, keeping your wagers flat sounds just like a lazy approach to consistency. If you’re planning to play blackjack with strategy, though, consistency is quite important. Wild and pointless changes to the stake are the telltale mark of a beginner, after all.

A flat bet means that the wager’s stake is the same in each round of whatever game you’re playing. The flat betting strategy is one of the most common ways of managing your bankroll. It’s also often referred to as “fixed stake betting.” The strategy was popularized in sports betting, though it is also widely used in live casino games like baccarat and blackjack.

So, why use flat betting in blackjack and baccarat? Let’s look at some of the advantages of this strategy.

  • It allows for tight control over your spending. Do not underestimate the importance of live casino bankroll management. In many games in online casinos, the stake is the only way to actually impact the game. This is more true for baccarat than blackjack, but managing your funds is important either way.
  • It severely limits the risks involved with casino betting. After all, only a fraction of your total bankroll is at risk. Most flat betting strategies use only 1% of the total bankroll per bet. Of course, this also limits your potential winnings.
  • A flat betting strategy is all about long-term benefits over short-term gratification. That’s an overall good approach to have with gambling.
  • Flat bets are versatile. You can adapt this betting system only to certain games or conditions. For instance, if things are going your way, you can simply increase the flat bet.

Does Flat Betting Work ?

The answer to this question largely depends on what you’re trying to achieve. To that end, it’s important to set your goals and then analyze if you’re successfully meeting them.

Flat betting works as advertised, which means it’s a successful method for bankroll management and stake control. However, flat betting is not a miracle strategy that guarantees gambling profits. It’s designed to be simple and adaptable, which it certainly is. However, the flat betting strategy cannot overcome the casino house edge.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t be quick to trust any strategy that claims to be 100% reliable. Some blackjack strategies can push the RTP over 100%, but those are rare and most players never manage to pull them off. More on that later.

Is Flat Betting the Best?

This is another question we often get from newbie players. Again, the answer is largely subjective. There are some things fixed-stake betting is good for, and some aspects in which it falls short.

Flat betting is among the best casino gambling strategies for beginners. However, it’s ideally only a part of a larger system or plan. Flat bets are a good starting point for getting to grips with controlling your bankroll, a game’s RTP, and so on. On its own, flat betting only offers consistent winnings or losses. There’s value in that, but it’s not a top strategy for winning casino games as some players expect it to be.

All in all, baccarat and blackjack flat betting is more forgiving than some systems like the Martingale. Progressive betting strategies have a higher potential for winning, but also risk losing all your cash to a streak of bad luck. Flat wagering strategies at least let you know exactly how well your session is going.

How to Use the Flat Betting System in Baccarat

  • Split your bankroll into equal units. The amount depends on your bankroll size, the table limits, and how aggressive you’re willing to be. For example, a decently sized wallet can get away with a 1% wager. If your funds are limited and you’re not afraid of a little bit of risk, you may as well go for 10%.
  • Fit the unit size to the given situation. A percentage-based unit size in baccarat flat betting is useful because it always adapts to your current bankroll size. If you want the same stake regardless of previous winnings and losses, pick a flat amount like $10 instead.
  • Stakes can be changed based on the current session. Again, percentages make this easier to pull off. Play for a time with one flat bet in baccarat. For the next session, adjust the size based on your winnings and losses.
  • Place the same stake on Banker bets over and over again. Do not change the stake within the same session – that negates the advantages of flat betting in baccarat. Some adjustments are possible, and the easiest way of doing so correctly is between sessions.
  • Stay away from side bets. Not only do they break the whole concept of betting flat in baccarat, but they also often have smaller RTP rates.

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