Even though online fish casino games came into th elimelight not so long ago, the concept is nothing new and has been very popular worldwide, in Asian countries especially for quite a while. Mounted on laege tables, these highly interactive video adventures let players unleash their inner angler by “shooting” at different species of fish and later exchange the catch for real cash – that’s how things work offline.

Fish hunting games offered by gambling websites take the whole idea of engaging pastime to the next level, eliminating unnecessary layers and giving punters exactly what they are looking for – a lot of fun and prizes worth shooting. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of online fishery to find out why it’s become a sought-after entertainment for many slot buffs.


It’s safe to say that online fish casino games successfully combine the best of both worlds: an action-packed scenario of a video game and a top-notch gambling experience. Players take part in a fast-paced battle, doing their best to beat their rivals and take home a catch, which can be really impressive.

At the core the gameplay is very easy, all you have to do is to select the amount you want to wager, consult the paytable to figure out which species worth thassle and shoot. By the way, the betting range usually starts at just $0.01 and goes up to $1, which makes virtual fishing affordable for every type of angler. In contrast to online slots, fish games let players have a say and choose the direction of the canno, as well as the right moment for shooting. Technically, players have an opportunity to study the “behavior” of certain species, their usual paths and speed to develop a winning strategy – many do it, in fact.

However, modern punters would hardly be fascinated by such straightforward base play alone, therefore developers of fish casino games have done a great deal of work to spice them up with innovative extra features. These extras usually hide so beloved by fans of fruit machines treats such as huge multipliers, free shots, and incredible chain reactions able to “kill” a large number of different fishes.


One of the most prominent software providers that supply online casinos with engaging fish games is KA Gaming, a Taiwan-based company widely known for its Asian-focused gambling products. Besides classic fish hunting, the brand offers several combat titles where players can demonstrate their shooting and grappling skills: Air Combat 1942, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, and Space Cat. SimplePlay also offer a fishing game called Fishermen Gold.

While the latter is a futuristic adventure chock-full of unusual creatures andtruly exciting wins, Romance Of the Three Kingdoms conjures up the dark atmosphere of medieval times with their epic battles. In its turn, Air Combat 1942 lets players take part in the air fight where the situation is changing at lightning speed. All three games are jam-packed with random bonuses: free shooting, chances to increase the firing speed and whopping multipliers.

Returning to “classic” fish games, KA Gaming’s most famous titles are King Octopus, Golden Dragon, and KA Fish Hunter. Enriched with staggering multipliers of up to 300x, they have already attracted a great number of casino players who don’t mind taking advantage of skill bonuses. Fully optimized for mobile play, these underwater contests are incredibly fast to load, which makes them a great option for having fun on the go.

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