Evolution has recently re-imagined their critically acclaimed line of live table casino games as a series of RNG-based titles. How much this way of generating numbers should affect your casino betting strategy is questionable. Still, everyone wants to win, and that’s always worth some deliberation.

On the plus side, that just means that this First Person Baccarat guide can be used for forms of this classic casino game. However, we’ll be using Evolution’s latest iteration for reference, so be sure to check it out.

How to Play First Person Baccarat

Pick one of the coin values and place them on the available betting fields. There are three main bets and six side bets you can play. There is no timer, so feel free to take your time setting up a wager that works best for you.

The main bets task you with predicting which of the two drawn hands will win. If either the player or banker hand wins, then you win a standard payout. The third option you can bet on is that the result of the next round will be a tie! Evolution Gaming has a great user interface, which makes betting super easy.

Wins are awarded to the hand that comes closest to getting an eight or nine without going over. In case that the cards in your hand push you over ten, the first digit is removed. That means drawing a five and a six will not give you a score of eleven, but one.

Unlike some other Evolution baccarat games, First Person Baccarat only has 1 side bet -Pairs. You’re essentially just prediction that the initial 2 cards will be a Pair.

First Person Baccarat Betting Strategy

Now, let’s consider how to win First Person Baccarat. The game has a very simple premise and very few side bets, though. This means that there are just a few ways in which you can affect whether you win a baccarat game online. As such, this is more of a collection of top baccarat tips than a coherent strategy.

Evolution First Person Baccarat Tips

  • Avoid Tie Bets. With measly chances of success, the 8:1 returns in this game are horribly low. Some online baccarat games have been known to payout 11:1 on a tie bet, and it still isn’t enough. It’s all in the math, really. Banker and Player bets boast a house edge of around 1.50%, depending on commissions. Tie bets at odds of 8:1 boast a whopping 14% house edge for an RTP rate of 86%.
  • The reason commissions are paid on banker wins is because banker bets have the best chance of success. Statistically, they just win a bit more often because of how the third card draw rules work. Out of 1.000 hands of Baccarat, 458 would result in banker wins, 446 in player wins, and 96 in ties. As such, Banker is the best baccarat bet, even if we take the commission into account.
  • Chasing trends is based on the gambler’s fallacy, even if most baccarat veterans swear by this approach. That said, there’s something to be said for the card-counting aspect of paying attention to previous cards. Effectively counting cards would take a lot of work for a minimal advantage, though. If that’s your game, maybe you should try online blackjack.
  • Stay away from side bets. Each of them has an abysmal RTP rate when you get down to it. However, the Player/Banker Pair side bet available in Evolution First Person Baccarat game is particularly egregious. Both options have an RTP under 90%.

Best Betting Systems for Baccarat

One way you can control the outcome in a baccarat live casino is through staking systems. The good thing about online baccarat is that it’s often a more-or-less 50/50 coin toss. This is great for most betting systems. In fact, we already have a dedicated article on betting systems to beat baccarat. Let’s give you a quick run-down for Evolution’s First Person Baccarat casino game.

  • Martingale – The simplest negative progression system out there. Essentially, you just want to double stake whenever you lose. Simple, but has a lot of flaws.
  • Paroli Betting System- In Baccarat, probably the most well-known system. It’s a positive progression stake system, which means you increase the stake with each win. After 3 wins a row, you reset back to the initial stake.
  • Labouchere- Based on the Fibonacci sequence, this is a slightly more conservative negative progression. Essentially, you want to make a sequence of numbers which increase incrementally. With each loss, you want to combine the first and last numbers of the sequence as your next stake. After a win, though, you need to remove the numbers from the sequence. This will allow you to always recoup previous losses without nearly as much risk as in Martingale.

These are the three most important baccarat betting systems, but there’s certainly more out there. If you’re serious about figuring out winning First Person Baccarat strategies, you’ll think creatively.

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