Baccarat is among the most popular games of luck in South East Asia, and Malaysia is no exception. Baccarat is often the main attraction of any casino, traditional or online. It’s simple game mechanics is the reason why a lot of Malaysian gamblers love playing this casino game, whether they’re beginner gamblers or seasoned casino players!

The Baccarat Tables may look scary, but wait until you learn how to play this easy table game. You’ll surely get those fast winning streaks!

Tips to Win Baccarat

First of all, the goal of baccarat is to get a card that’s close or equal to the value of 9.

  1. Understand the cards
    In baccarat, the cards distribute between two hands. One hand is the player and the second hand is the banker’s hand. The numbers of players can bet on the outcomes of each hand that will be nearer to nine.
  2.  Know about how cards slashed
    Usually, the card value varies from 0 and 9. Face cards worth 10, ace worth 1 and others 2–9 according to face value. In short, the value of face cards is fundamentally value 0.
  3.  Watch your wins
    While playing casino, it is important to note down your every win on every hand. To maximize your fun and reduce risk, play on low bets. Also, watch the banker’s hand and feel the moves and then play accordingly.
  4. Don’t jump another bet immediately
    If you win against a banker so don’t jump on the next bet quickly. Wait for his decision. Whatever his decision comes out, you need to do the next move accordingly.

How to play ?

Steps 1:  Dealer will give out two cards to both Player and Banker.

Steps 2: There will be two hands, one for the Banker and the other for the Player. The player could bet on either of the two hands on who he thinks will get natural 9 (or closest to it). There’s also a “Tie Bet” where the result will be a tie between Banker and Player.

Steps 3: Count the total points of the cards. If the total is more than 10, the second digit will remain as the total value of the hand.

Steps 4: Players could get a 3rd card if the player hand gets within 0 to 5. But if the banker has a total card points of 8 or 9, the player is unable to get the 3rd card. At the end, the banker will automatically be the winners. 

Baccarat Payout Odds and House Edge

Luckily, Baccarat is a casino game with a low house edge (compared to Poker and others).

Baccarat House Edge

Bet TypeHouse Edge

Baccarat Payout Depending on # of Decks

8 Decks


1 Deck


Online casinos with Baccarat in Malaysia

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Playing baccarat at Royalewin gives players the chance to try their luck in betting on the player or the banker with superb promotions and rebates to maximize your betting experience.

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