Crazy Time statistics can be valuable info on how the game works, but will following stats actually help you win?

In short – probably not. But there’s more to deciphering this data than it seems. Let’s take a close look at how Crazy Time by Evolution works, the statistics behind each possible bet, and how to use that info to help you.

Crazy Time stat trackers exist as third-party services intended to help you understand how the game works.

Crazy Time Statistics

First, let’s look at the basic bets in Crazy Time and their stats. Essentially, every outcome has a certain probability in every single round. This outcome is always determined by a physical wheel and not by computer-based random number generation. As we all know – the presenter spins the wheel, and the result depends on which segment of the wheel the pointer lands on.

Evolution Crazy Time has 54 segments in total. That means that every segment of the wheel has a 1.85% chance of being the final result. If you want to find out the statistics of winning a Crazy Time bet, simply multiply the number of segments it covers by 1.85%.

For example, the 5 bet covers 7 segments on the Crazy Time wheel. Here’s the formula to find out how likely it is to win:

5 x 1.85 = 12.95%

We can use this formula to calculate the statistics of Crazy Time bets.

Expected Value in Crazy Time

A key part of every casino game strategy is RTP. Essentially, RTP is the percentage of your stake you can statistically expect to win back every round. Since Crazy Time is a game of chance, the RTP rate is also our expected value.

The RTP in Crazy Time depends on the ratio between the payout and the probability of winning. This is true for every casino game out there. However, the strategy for Crazy Time relies on the fact that not all bets have the same RTP. In fact, most Money Wheel game strategies rely on the difference in RTP.

If you’re wondering which bets are the best in Crazy Time, all you need to do is look at the statistics. Check out the table below for more info.

Crazy Time Stats Table

The Gambler’s Fallacy

These trackers can be handy, but there is one important thing about Crazy Time strategy to remember.

The results of previous game rounds do not influence the outcome of future rounds in any way. Do not make this mistake. Even if Crazy Time bonus hits four times in a row, that is no indication that it will (or won’t) hit a fifth time.

Every outcome has exactly the same probability of happening in every round. Refer to the stats table above for the full details. Every segment has a 1.85% chance of hitting, every time.

Believing otherwise is called the Gambler’s Fallacy and is one of the most common misconceptions about gambling. As such, Crazy Time stats can give us insight into the real probabilities and RTP rates of bets, but that’s pretty much it.

Are Stats Important for Crazy Time Strategy?

Yes and no. As you can see, some bets in this game are better than others. A simple strategy for Crazy Time would be to simply play the best bets at all times. In other words, the bets with the best RTP. These would be the four main bets and the Coin Flip bonus.

Players have no real way of influencing the outcome of Crazy Time. The game is completely based on luck, and anyone who claims otherwise is wrong. However, the bets with higher RTP have a better chance of working out for you in the long run.

Now you’re probably thinking that a difference of 1% RTP is not that big. You would usually be right. However, look at it this way – this isn’t necessarily a difference in total returns. Instead, these are different house edges.

Let’s keep things simple and look at it this way. 96% RTP and 98% RTP might seem quite similar if you take them at face value. However, the house edge of the first bet is double that of the second one. That means that you would lose twice as much money in the long run if you bet on 96% RTP instead of 98%.

Why Crazy Time Stats are Useful ?

You might now be wondering why people keep track of stats at all, then. Well, if nothing else, they confirm that the probabilities are indeed as we believed they were.

However, basing your bets in Crazy Time on the statistics of previous rounds is a mistake.

On the other hand, repeatedly betting on 1 is technically the best way to play Crazy Time. However, it’s also an extremely boring way to play. After all, you would never partake in any of the exciting bonus games which are the heart of what makes this title so entertaining.

The bottom line is that this simply isn’t the type of game for those who like to crunch numbers and statistics. You should keep them in mind if you want to limit your losses, of course. It’s certainly better to be an informed player than not. But ultimately, you should play in any way that’s the most fun for you.

Closing Thoughts – Best Casinos to Play Crazy Time Live

Before we wrap up, we should note that there are still things you can do to improve your experience with Crazy Time. For example, you can use Royalewin live casino bonuses such as rebate up to 0.5%

Also, never underestimate the importance of live casino money management. Properly handling your bankroll is crucial for all online gambling.

Lastly, make sure you find the best casinos for Crazy Time Live. Check out Royalewin Evolution games now !

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