Slot machine hits and payouts are heavily debated by casino patrons. There have been multiple accounts, most of which have not been verified, on what triggered the win or a jackpot. Slots hit and payout following a random yet predetermined model. The return-to-player rate (RTP) decides on how much moneyContinue Reading

Online slots games are as popular as the huge machines in casinos. And since they are indeed very lucrative, many strategies have sprouted claiming to deliver the big wins in the game. Sadly, not all of them won’t give you the wins they promised. Overview of casino slot strategies ManyContinue Reading

Paylines within slots are where symbols land to determine your payout in each spin. With this mechanic in mind: How many paylines should you bet on in each spin? Are there better online slot games alternative to one-payline slots?\ Payline Risk VS Reward Opening more than one paylines increases yourContinue Reading

Wild symbols, scatters, bonus games, and other features are what make many slots enjoyable. There is nothing like seeing multipliers increasing your payouts or entering a free-spin mode. Wild Slots Wild symbols are popular features involving a special symbol that substitutes others when lined up on the payline. Multi-payline slotsContinue Reading

Gates of Olympus is a 6 reels and 5 rows slot with themed on Greek mythology. Wins are awarded for landing certain numbers of matching symbols anywhere on the reels, with increasing payouts for larger numbers. This effectively turns every symbol into a Scatter symbol. This slot can bring youContinue Reading

In the early days of online gambling the slot games found online where far from the games you would find in a land-based casino in terms of quality and jackpots. Today they are so similar that you could be forgiven for thinking your computer has turned into a real slotContinue Reading

Playing slots professionally is near impossible in the long run. Unlike blackjack or poker, slot machines do not have much of a skill element to them. It’s a game of luck, and you can never master or cheat the machines. That said, there are some basic slot strategy tips youContinue Reading

Slots are one of the earth’s oldest casino games. Thus, it is not surprising that there are several slot myths. Slot myths and misconceptions have a lot to do with gamblers finding it hard to come to terms with a game based on chance and luck. “There must be aContinue Reading