Sweet Bonanza Candyland trackers claim to provide hard data that can help you the most out of this acclaimed Pragmatic Play live casino game. The more ambitious ones supposedly even predict when the bonus rounds will hit.

Can Sweet Bonanza Candyland stats actually offer a viable strategy or is it all a wild goose chase?

Sweet Bonanza Candyland stat trackers simply keep track of round outcomes- no more, no less. Don’t get sucked into the Gabbler’s Fallacy.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Statistics

The most important stats to keep in mind simply relate to how the bets work. Let’s explain.

As you probably know, the outcome of every round is determined by which segment of the wheel the pointer lands on after the wheel stops spinning. Much like competing games like Evolution Crazy Time, the wheel id divided into 54 segments.

Importantly, every segment of the wheel has an equally high chance of landing on the pointer in every spin. Specifically, it has a 1-in-54 chance, which translates to 1.85%. As such, the most important Sweet Bonanza Candyland stats answer the question – how likely is a certain bet to win? And you can find the answer quite easily.

Simply take the number of segments relating to that particular bet and multiply it by 1.85%. For example, the number 5 with a 5:1 payout covers 7 segments of the wheel. In every round, tje probability of winning this bet is 7 x 1.85%= 12.95%

Sweet Bonanza Candyland RTP

Return to player (RTP), or expected value, is a crucial term to understand while playing live casino games. Basically, it tells you how much of every bet you can expect to make while playing.

According to official data from Pragmatic Play, Sweet Bonanza Candyland RTP is 96.95% at the highest. However, this number does not apply to all bets in the game. In fact, it’s merely the highest possible value, while the lowest is 91.59%.

As you can see, that’s a significant difference. Unfortunately, though, Pragmatic does not specify which bets have which RTP rates. Due to how live casino game shows like this one work, we know for a fact that different bets in Sweet Bonanza Candyland have different RTP values. We just don’t know what those values are.

We can make a few assumptions based on Money Wheel Game Strategies, though.

  • The safest, simplest bets generally have the highest RTP. For instance, the maximum 96.95% RTP probably applies to bets like 1. Also compared to games like Crazy Time, the RTP for wagers 1 and 2 is stronger because the bets cover more segments but pay the same.
  • Playtech Adventures Beyond Wonderland has a 2:1 bet covering 15 out of 54 segments, just like here. Its RTP is 96.95%, marking it as an optimal bet in Sweet Bonanza Candyland.
  • The 5 bet covers 7 segments with a 5:1 payout, which is identical to some similar games. We can conclude that the RTP for this bet is 95.78%.
  • The highly volatile bonus bets, unfortunately, have the lowest RTP. This doesn’t really surprise us, but it’s disappointing because they’re the most fun.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Stats Table

CANDY DROP2UP TO 20,000x3.70%
SWEET SPINS1UP TO 20,000x1.85%
SUGER BOMB32x – 10x5.55%

Sweet Bonanza Candyland Strategy

To begin with, we have to be clear that this game is completely based on chance. You can’t directly influence the outcome and that will never change. It’s one of the reasons people find it so exciting.

So is there a Sweet Bonanza Candyland strategy?

Yes, there are definitely better and worse to play as far as making money is concerned. These strategies may not be the miracle solutions some players are hoping for, but at least they’re based on facts and not voodoo.

We’ll give you some pointers through a few Sweet Bonanza Candyland strategy tips:

  • As we’ve pointed out above, the 2 bet is probably the statistically optimal bet in Sweet Bonanza Candyland with the highest RTP.
  • 1 and 5 are both solid options, though. However, 5 doesn’t hit often, and we can’t say we’re certain about the RTP of the 1 bet.
  • The bonus bets should not be ignored because they’re the only real way to win big. Besides, they’re what the game is all about.
  • Our recommendation is to stick with Bubble Surprise and/or Candy Drop. Sweet Spins are extremely volatile and only appear in one segment.
  • The Sugar Bomb is all-around bad, as we covered earlier. We recommend avoiding it.
    Don’t forget the basics such as money management.


Hopefully, you’ve learned something by reading this article. We’ll wrap up by mentioning a few things. First of all remember that the most important reason to play casino games is to have fun. If you find Sugar Bombs exciting, just go for it! The statistical differences we’re talking about often come down to a fraction of a percentage anyway.

Also, live casino bonuses are another great way to minimize the advantages of the house. A nice rebate or cashback can save you a lot in the long run.

With that in mind, we’ll wrap up with a few suggestions for top casinos to play Sweet Bonanza Candyland, complete with great bonus deals.

Good Luck !

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