Lottery is a type of betting and this comprises the drawing of lots for a reward. It also involves the drawing of lots from random numbers that has a chance of winning a prize. Unlike casino gaming that can make you poor overnight, a lottery only needs a small entry fee.

This practice may be illegal in some countries (unauthorized by some governments) due to religion, meanwhile in other countries they are legalized and authorized up to the extent that it is organized and made a national or state lottery. There is some degree of regulation made by the government and it is very common to find that.  Lottery playing in Malaysia is chosen by many individuals in order to try hitting a jackpot and changing a life.



This is a lottery a person plays by picking a number from 0000 to 9999. Each time, twenty-three numbers are being drawn. A winner is awarded if the person’s number is in line with what is drawn. To select a winning number is an ongoing battle. The prize structure for ‘Big’ bet includes 23 prizes from first prize to consolation prize. Whereas, the ‘Small’ bet will be rewarded when players win the 1st, 2nd or/and 3rd prize.


The first draw took place on the 20th of March 2010 and it is a popular game in the region. Six numbers are chosen to play this Malaysian supreme toto and the draws are made 3 or 4 times per week, that is on Tuesdays (sometimes), Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays.


Here, lotto gamers have to choose six numbers in-between 1 to 50. There is an additional bonus number to the 6 numbers drawn by lottery from the pool of 50. This game has the best odds of 3 pick -6 games in Malaysia and it has the lowest number field. One in 15,890,700 is the odd for winning the first prize star toto jackpot.


Modern 4D lottery games have gone beyond the conventional gaming rules to attract new players and draw more bets from existing players. Roll-Back permutation was already in Malaysia some time ago. ‘Da Ma Cai’ 1+3D Game provides a Roll Bet  option for the players. A Roll Bet allows you to roll any digit for your four-digit number.

For example, if you roll the front digit or R932 (R indicates Roll), a set of 10 four-digit numbers will be generated i.e. 0932, 1932, 2932, 3932, 4932, 5932, 6932, 7932, 8932, 9932. You can also choose to roll the second digit, third digit or last digit of your four-digit number. The minimum bet amount for a Roll Bet is RM10 as you will have 10 individual four-digit numbers generated (maximum roll up to 2 digit numbers).


In conclusion, 4D lottery is a kind of national game in Malaysia. 4D lottery shops are scattered all over with many different companies to choose from but placing your bets is very troublesome. Besides the shop accessibility, players are required to place their bets individually before the cut off time of 7PM. For the convenient, Royalewin is one of the best choices ! Royalewin offers the highest payout too ! Join us now, bet anytime and anywhere !

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