4D toto lottery is one of the coolest and most popular casino games in Malaysia. Not only Malaysians love the easy nature of 4D but we also like trying our lucks on the big numbers of our choice to try and win big. Another good things is that you don’t need any hacks or tricks, all you need to know is how we can increase the chances of winning !

Ways to play 4D Lottery

  1. Choose a sure win 4 digit number
  2. Select 4D playing odds
  3. Increase your chances of winning
  4. Analysis backed winning strategy
  5. Buy and wait for the result !

Types of 4D bets

Pusing: Combinations of the four numbers and purchase each combination times 24.

IBOX: Combinations of the four numbers and purchased with only one amount, and the winning bonus are divided by the number of the combinations purchased.

PriceRM 24RM 1
PermutationBet Types: Big
Permutation: 3400
Bet Types: Big
Permutation: 141.67
(3400 divided by 24 combinations

PH: First number will remain its position and the last three numbers will be in permutation with at least three to six combinations

How to increase the opportunities of winning:

  • Buying more tickets
    If you have lots of lucky numbers to buy, just buy it because you have more chances of winning the lottery!
  • Don’t pick consecutive numbers
    Although 4D results are drawn randomly, but, the winning numbers are not often consecutive numbers. Choose numbers that are in the first half and last half. A combination of these numbers may be a lucky lottery number. 
  • Buying lottery tickets that correspond to special days
    Do you believe in Feng shui? In connecting to Feng Shui, every day of the month has certain meaning. People often choose numbers from 1 to 31 to correspond with the day of the month to increase their chance of winning the lottery Malaysia. That means if you select higher numbers than 31, your probability of getting winning lottery numbers is lower.

Where to Buy?

Royalewin is an online entertainment site that provides a variety of 4D Toto lottery including Singapore big draw results, Damacai, Magnum 4D and others. But why Royalewin ? Because they offer the highest payout table. Besides that, if you are out of ideas of what numbers to buy, they are giving out Royale 4D free spins everyday !

How to get the free spins ? Well, you just need to register an account at Royalewin. The registration process is very simple, and all the personal information you provide will be protected by our strictest confidentiality !


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