For anyone who is learning blackjack and trying to master this exciting casino game, understanding the blackjack basic strategy is crucial. However, the basic strategy itself is quite elaborate and only years of practice can make one implement this strategy in the most desired way in a game of blackjack.

In this article, we cover few ways of memorizing blackjack strategies in order to play with more confidence.


One important way of learning the blackjack strategy is by simplifying it. That way, blackjack players can remember the best possible actions to take based on their hands.

You can begin by considering the split action. There are a few thumb rules to follow. Aces and 8’s are always to be split while you should never split 10’s and 5’s. On the other hand, one should split 2, 3, and 7 on cards 2 through 7, split 4’s against cards 5 and 6, split 6’s on cards 2 through 6, and split 9’s against cards 2 through 9 but except 7.

In blackjack, soft hands and hard hands are played differently and the blackjack basic strategy underlines that clearly. Following are some of the actions to take on the soft totals.

Here is an approach that is quite useful for beginners.

In this approach, things boil down to a 4 line rhyme, ‘Surrender, Split, Double, Hit’. So, players need to ask themselves whether to surrender or not, then whether to split or not, then whether to double or not and finally, whether to hit or not. Maintaining this order is important. The next step is to look at the simplified blackjack basic strategy and understand when to take each of these actions.

Another approach to memorizing the blackjack basic strategy is to consider two scenarios, first when the dealer is showing 2-6 and second when the dealer is showing 7-A. If the dealer is showing 2-6, the player’s strategy should be to make sure that the dealer busts and that he doesn’t. On the other hand, if the dealer is showing a 7-A, the player’s strategy should be to make a score of 17.

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