Gamblers will never tire of figuring out ways to outwit the casinos. We suppose that’s simply the nature of the game. The cards are naturally stacked against players and every serious casino fan has a strong competitive streak. From card counting to any other attempt at advantage play, dozens ofContinue Reading

One of the most common claims about live blackjack is that it is a game with a well-defined strategy. It has helped the title reach previously unimaginable heights! With the low house edge that basic blackjack strategy offers, players can enjoy hours of top-tier fun even with a small budget.Continue Reading

The terms ties in closely with RTP, house edge, and other important aspects of casino strategy. Let’s take a close look at what expected value means in gambling and how we can use it to improve our skills. What is Expected Value? It’s important to understand that this term isn’tContinue Reading

Oscar’s Grind is a positive progression betting strategy used in even-money bets. This staking plan was developed to counteract some of the worse aspects of strategies like the Martingale. Namely, with most positive progression betting systems, a losing streak can drive your bankroll into the dirt. Oscar’s Grind is completelyContinue Reading