Malaysia 4D online lottery provides a variety roll such as Single, Reverse, etc., which popular among players. See below for more understanding now. Also, you can let online gambling casino tell you what is 4D lottery first to help you read this article.

The Easiest Way to Play 4D Lottery Games

Single- Single Set of numbers in specific order or select by computer.

Raise Your Chance to Win

Permutate – Pusing & IBOX

Pusing – Combinations of the four numbers, and each combination needs to have a purchase amount, times 24

IBOX – Combinations of the four numbers and purchased with only one amount, winning bonus divided by the number of combinations purchased.

Exclusive Game-play at Online 4D Lottery Betting

Roll-Front – Last three numbers are fixed, first number is rolling from 0 to 9, ten sets in total.

Roll-Back – First three numbers are fixed, fourth number is rolling from 0 to 9, ten sets in total.

Reverse – Single set of number with two combinations back and forth, Spend twice the purchase amount.

Players are free to choose their favorite gameplay when they are betting, and increase the chance of winning. Royalewin provides a convenient and fast online betting method, allowing you to bets 4D lottery anytime, anywhere with the highest payout rate. Bet your lucky ong number now !

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